Falanghina Benventano IGP


Italy , Beneventano (White)

Falanghina 100%

Tasting : Blossom, Grass , Pear Fruit

Alc : 12.5% vol

品酒師食物配搭: 海鮮,芝士
品酒師情景配搭: Elegant , Wedding ,Housewarming

Levin Wine 堅持 品酒師挑選 千中選一

運費 (delivery Fee):
1-2 支(bottle) $40
3-5 支(bottle) $30
6支以上免運費 6 bottles above free delivery



Falanghina Benventano 是一款擁有精緻的花香,水果香和優雅的香草氣息。 溫暖的味道,飽滿而柔滑,帶有新鮮感。
自羅馬時代以來,貝內文托地區就因其火山起源和乾旱氣候而被選為葡萄栽培。 葡萄栽培特別是在18世紀的波旁王朝時期蓬勃發展。 貝內文托(Benevento)的生產最近已針對當地的葡萄增值,例如Falanghina和Aglianico

Falanghina Benventano is Delicate bouquet with exotic fruit perfume and elegant aromatic herbs hints. Warm taste, full and silky with a good freshness.
Benevento area has been voted to viticulture since the Roman Age thanks to its volcanic origin and dry climate. Viticulture had been prospering especially under the Bourbons in the 18th Century. Benevento production has been recently addressed towards local grapes valorisation, such as Falanghina and Aglianico


重量 1 kg