Octavo Arte Sauvignon Blanc 8/8 ★ 歐洲No.1西班牙酒莊 ★


★★ 歐洲No.1西班牙酒莊 ★

Spain , La Mancha (White)

100% Sauvignon Blanc

Tasting : 番石榴,梨香,草香

Tasting : Guava, Pear, Grass

Alc : 11.5% vol

品酒師食物配搭: 煙三文魚,海鮮,芝士
品酒師情景配搭: 海鮮晚聚

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運費 (delivery Fee):
1 支(bottle) $40
2支以上免運費 2 bottles above free delivery



Octavo is the reflection of the experience, which
transfer its soul to the wines produced. Inspired by
the nature, respect for the primary values of the fruit,
in pursuit of the excellence. Balance, expressions
and emotion, along with the best partnership with
time as a tool to achieve Perfection.
Art, tradition and wine.


重量 1 公斤