Riverby Estate Eliza Riesling 2014


★ 少女之選 ★

莊主為女兒名字(Eliza) 命名的一款甜酒,像女兒一樣甜美

New Zealand , Marlborough (White)

100% Riesling

Tasting : Honey , Floral , lychee

Alc: 12.5%

口感: 多甜多酸,濃郁,平衡

品酒師食物配搭: 雲呢哪雪糕, 甜品
品酒師情景配搭: 飯後配Netflix 電影

Levin Wine 堅持 品酒師挑選 千中選一

運費 (delivery Fee):
1支(bottle) $40
2支以上免運費 2bottles above free delivery

貨號: NZ-RE-W03 分類: ,


Riverby Estate 名起源於有3條不同貫穿在酒莊中,1954年時政府因水利工程,令河流乾涸,
當時莊主就在乾涸河面上種樹,所以樹吸收幾千年既礦物味,同埋虹樽魚(淡水三文魚) ,河貝既味道.
令葡萄酒也有相同的香氣,是為Riverby Estate酒莊的特色

Honey, blossom and lavender lead the way: quite seductive. Very rich and honeyed on the palate with musk and ripe citrus (orange/mandarin), ripe stonefruits and almost a touch of pineapple. Musky botrytis characters. This is an appealing, very lush style, yet retains a nice lick of acidity and an apricot kernel counterpoint. Excellent


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