Riverby Estate Pinot Gris 2018


New Zealand , Marlborough (White)

100% Pinot Gris

Tasting : Pear, Floral

Alc: 12.5%

口感: 清爽,梨香

品酒師食物配搭: 沙律 , 蝦刺身 或 咩都唔洗配都得
品酒師情景配搭: 下午2個女仔傾計 chill chill

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運費 (delivery Fee):
1-2 支(bottle) $40
3-5 支(bottle) $30
6支以上免運費 6 bottles above free delivery


貨號: NZ-RE-W05 分類: ,


Riverby Estate 名起源於有3條不同貫穿在酒莊中,1954年時政府因水利工程,令河流乾涸,
當時莊主就在乾涸河面上種樹,所以樹吸收幾千年既礦物味,同埋虹樽魚(淡水三文魚) ,河貝既味道.
令葡萄酒也有相同的香氣,是為Riverby Estate酒莊的特色

Our Pinot Gris block is now gaining some vine age and this is starting to be reflected in our increasingly complex Pinot Gris style. It is important with Pinot Gris to carefully manage yields. Left unrestrained this variety can easily get out of hand. Well managed, with low yields, an enticing, crisp and complex wine is achievable given the right vineyard location and an ideal growing season. 2013 was virtually the perfect vintage in Marlborough with ample heat to ripen the grapes and no undue pressure from rain or disease. The grapes for this wine were cropped at less than 8.5 tonnes to the hectare and harvested at perfect ripeness in the cool of the night. It is 100% Pinot Gris and was handled throughout in stainless steel, with extended time on lees to aid complexity, before being bottled in late March 2014


重量 1 kg