Riverby Estate Pinot Noir 2021



New Zealand , Marlborough (Red)

100% Pinot Noir

Tasting : Red Fruit, Oaky , Mineral , Elegant

品酒師食物配搭: 羊架,牛面 ,any red (百搭之王)
品酒師情景配搭: Fine Dinning

口感: 輕悠,優雅,古典

Levin Wine 堅持 品酒師挑選 千中選一

運費 (delivery Fee):
1支(bottle) $40
2支以上免運費 2bottles above free delivery

貨號: NZ-RE-R01 分類: ,


Pinor Noir 是貴族葡萄,要極高條件才可種植,需要適合的溫度,濕度及土壤.以及牠的香氣是非常優雅,口感輕悠

此品比紅葡萄酒為中寶石紅色,天鵝絨色,帶有紫羅蘭,黑莓和黑櫻桃的誘人香氣。 它已經在用乾草藥,淡淡的迷迭香,李子和小紅莓製成鹹味。 口感豐富而復雜,融合了辛辣的水果和橡木味。 它具有令人愉悅的口感,具有真正的鹹味複雜性,蘑菇味,細顆粒的單寧酸和良好的酸度平衡。 它完成時間長且揮之不去,非常光滑,深度和吸引力極佳。 持久的印像是香料,乾淨,成熟,紅色的水果和復雜的鹹味逐漸散發出來。



Mid ruby red, velvet in colour, this Pinot has enticing aromas of violets, blackberries and dark cherries. It is already developing a savoury hint with dried herbs, a touch of rosemary, plums and cranberries.  The palate is rich and complex with well-integrated, spicy fruit and oak.  It has great mouth-feel with real savoury complexity, mushroom notes, fine grained tannins and great acid balance. It finishes long and lingering, very smooth with great depth and appeal. The lasting impression is of spice, clean, ripe, red fruits and complex savoury hints starting to shine through.


重量 1 公斤