Riverby Estate Chardonnay 2022


New Zealand , Marlborough (White)

100% Chardonnay

Tasting : Oaky, Mineral ,Creamy

Alc: 13%

品酒師食物配搭: 貝類海產,中式蟹
品酒師情景配搭: 中式晚宴


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運費 (delivery Fee):
1支(bottle) $40
2支以上免運費 2bottles above free delivery




Chardonnay 呈現中度金黃色,具有強烈的烘烤焦糖香氣和柑橘香
香草,法式麵包和水煮核果; 尤其是杏和桃子。 口感濃郁
麵包和腰果的味道。 這是一款平衡感極佳的酒,具有很高的酸度
令人愉悅的口感和釋放的澎湃力量。 豐富而持久地餘韻

Mid burnished gold in colour, this wine has powerful, toasted, caramel aromas with notes of citrus,
vanilla, baguette and poached stone-fruits; notably apricots and peaches. On the palate it has a rich
creamy, mealy character with appealing grainy, textural notes, citrus notes of grapefruit and lime, and
hints of baguette and cashews. This is a beautifully balanced wine with great acidity, a creamy
satisfying mouth-feel and a sense of still to be unleashed power. It lingers beautifully with rich
creamy characters and elegant, refined, citrus and peach notes. This is still a young, moderately tight
wine with much evolvement still to unfold over many years.


重量 1 公斤